our story

Hi, I'm Sam, a twenty something Minnesota girl with big dreams and a heart for creating.

In late summer of 2016, almost a year after trying to get pregnant, my husband Jesse and I began what is sure to be one of the hardest journey's of our marriage. That journey began with tears, anger, hardship, and frustration. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and an autoimmune disorder that prevent my body from ovulating.

We started with a medical infertility specialist for the first seven months. Each month consisted of injections, medications, ultrasounds, and blood draws, along with thousands of dollars in medical bills that were not covered by insurance. I couldn't keep up physically or emotionally, and we couldn't keep up financially. That was not the path for us. Our journey is still ongoing, but thanks to a referral to an amazing naturopath, it's a healthier and happier journey filled with faith, hope, and understanding.

When this journey began, I knew that a large number of women have PCOS and that many of those women and others, were in much worse situations than me. I wanted to help them. The brainstorming always led me back to the same place - a boutique type shop with a partnering non-profit organization. I had a vision of all that it could be, but it just wasn't the right time for us, so I kept dreaming and waiting. Almost two years later, an opportunity presented itself and the dream has become reality.

I want The Creative Collective to be so much more than shopping. I want it to inspire, serve, and educate all who walk through our door and hear our story.